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Benefits of NAWGJ Membership

  • Assignment to meets according to the rating attained.

  • Copy of the Judges Operating Guide which includes the NAWGJ Constitution, Operating Code, Code of Ethics, Fee Structure, and other forms and important information.

  • Professional Liability Insurance is provided to all members. Coverage is $500,0000 per occurrence and valid only for documented activities and competitions assigned by NAWGJ.

  • National Website. This will keep you abreast of rule changes, NAWGJ Board Minutes, NAWGJ Symposium information, USAG Congress updates and much more.

  • Local newsletters. You will receive newsletters specific to your local area. Each State Judging Director (SJD) is responsible for keeping his/her members informed on trends, clinics, workshops, and meet assignments.

  • Education and training. NAWGJ provides training and education at the State, Regional, and National levels.

  • NAWGJ library. NAWGJ provides a library with a wealth of information from study tools to videos for review.

  • Representation. NAWGJ members are represented on the following committees:

    • Women’s Technical Committee of USA Gymnastics (USAG).

    • Women’s Program Committee of USAG.

    • USAG Executive Governing Board.

Benefits of Iowa NAWGJ

As a member of Iowa NAWGJ you have the opportunity for additional benefits beyond that of your National membership. Each year the Iowa Judges host an Annual Iowa Judges Cup competition. This competition is the only fundraiser that Iowa NAWGJ organizes. Iowa Judges are expected to donate their time and expertise for this competition/critique each year. All profits from the meet entry fees goes directly to Iowa NAWGJ, which is then distributed to our membership. If you volunteer to work at the Iowa Judges Cup, you will enjoy these additional benefits:

  • NAWGJ membership dues will be paid for by Iowa NAWGJ.

  • Opportunity to practice judge during a live competition.

  • FUN!

  • State hosted clinics and study sessions.

NAWGJ Member Benefits & Requirements

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